•This might sound like a no brainer, but cooking the perfect steak can be tricky.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve bought the most beautiful steak and then over cooked it, nothing is sadder than a gray steak.  I chose sirloin, which is the most inexpensive of the prime cuts of beef.  You can usually buy them in a value pack for under $20.  Sirloin is typically a thinner steak and cooks in just minutes.  This is the basic technique how to cook this type of steak on the stove top.  A steak that is flavorful, juicy, and the perfect med rare.  If you follow these steps, it will turn out perfect every time.  You can serve this steak with a nice baked potato, or roasted cauliflower, make the perfect steak sandwich, or wrap slices in a tortilla with grilled peppers and onions. The Perfect Sirloin Steak

1/2 inch sirloin steak
1 tbls olive oil
kosher salt
freshly cracked black pepper
serves 1-2 but can be very easily doubled
prep and cooking time- 40 min (30 min of this time is the steak coming to room temp)

Step one Pull the steak out of the fridge and let sit at room temp for 30 min.  You never want to cook a cold steak.  If you put a cold steak into a hot pan, the meat will seize up and make it tough. The Perfect Sirloin Steak Step two Make sure the steak is dry.  I know this isn’t the most appealing picture, but pat the steak dry with a paper towel.  If the steak is “wet” when you add it to the pan the steak will steam instead of get that nice brown crust that you’re looking for. The Perfect Sirloin Steak Step three Season well.  Make sure you season with plenty of kosher salt and freshly cracked black pepper.  You can substitute with grill seasoning, sea salt or garlic salt. The Perfect Sirloin Steak Step four Use the right pan.  Use a heavy bottomed stainless steel or cast iron pan.  Avoid using a non stick pan, they don’t get hot enough and won’t give you the results you want.  If your pan is hot enough the steak won’t stick.  Make sure the pan is big enough to accommodate the steak(s) do not overcrowd the pan or the steaks will steam and turn that weird sad gray color. The Perfect Sirloin Steak Step five Make sure the pan is screaming hot, not on high heat, but hot.  I turn my knob to 7 out of  10.  If you hold your hand above the pan you should feel the heat or you can drip a little water in, if it sizzles, you’re ready to go (just make sure the water is gone before you add oil).  Add 1 tbls olive oil to the hot pan.  Carefully add your steak.  Set a timer for 2 min. The Perfect Sirloin Steak The Perfect Sirloin Steak Step six Do not move the steak while it’s in the pan until ready to flip.  Cook for 2 min on one side then flip and cook for only 1 1/2 min on the second side. The Perfect Sirloin Steak The Perfect Sirloin Steak Step seven Let the steak rest for 10 min after cooking.  This is the most important step!  Let rest on the cutting board and cover with foil.  If you cut right into a steak hot out of the pan, all of the juices and your hard work will be lost. The Perfect Sirloin Steak The Perfect Sirloin Steak Step eight Cut against the grain.  What does that mean?  Instead of cutting along the lines that are evident in your steak, cut across or through them. This will cut the long fibers into much smaller ones, making the meat easier to eat and more tender. If you cut along the lines, the fibers will still be one long strand, making the meat very hard to chew.  Slice up♥Enjoy The Perfect Steak Sandwich    

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