•We had a great turn out this weekend for our fall women’s wellness weekend.  This weekend and I have a love-hate relationship.  Let me explain.  My usual day at work consists of cooking 3 meals a day for an average of 175 kids.  The menu usually consists of simple stuff that kids like; pizza, hot dogs, scrambled eggs, and tacos.  There is a lot of work that goes into each day, but I have an awesome team, and we all have the day to day routine down pat.  Women’s wellness is a specialty weekend that comes around twice a year.  The weekend focuses on health and relaxation with yoga, massages, crafts, paddle boarding, local wine tour, and the food……..oh THE FOOD!  There is so much preparation that goes into this weekend menu.  Thoughts and ideas swirl around in my head for weeks.  At every meal there needs to be a vegetarian option, a gluten free option, a dairy free option, and it needs to be healthy and please everybody….not much pressure.  I need to make sure not to forget to order one single ingredient (which i always do, hello Costco) since it’s all in the small details.   The love part of this weekend is that I really get to show off.  I get to stretch my wings while challenging myself and I see my staff shine learning new recipes, cooking techniques, and trying new foods.  This would not be a successfully weekend if it weren’t for my great staff who works so hard and can deal with my crazy ways.  The hate part of this weekend is that I’m a people pleasing perfectionist and really have my heart in each dish.  There is definitely a furry of chaos in the kitchen and sometimes I wonder how and if we will get it all done!  I secretly love all of the pressure and the payoff of compliments makes it all worth while in the end.  I enjoy answering all of the ladies questions about foods they might not have tried before and share recipes.  I’ve included some of the recipes we made over the weekend and will post more within the next couple weeks.  Check back under the Women’s Wellness Weekend menu over to the right for updates.

spicy kale chips with parmesan

bbq chicken stuffed sweet potatoes

tangy honey bbq sauce

rocket and fennel salad with shaved parmesan

honey jalapeño cornbread


pumpkin granola



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